About Barbara’s Blog: Tools For Living With Spirit

Blog IconCommitted to teaching what she has learned, Barbarah Fedoroff created Barbarah’s Blog: Tools for Living with Spirit.  Her aim is to present the teachings of spiritual masters who have stood the test of time into information that helps readers attain their spiritual goals using contemporary techniques she calls “tools.”

As a free-lance editor Barbara collaborated and co-edited The Encyclopedia of Mental Imagery with Gerald Epstein, M.D. author of seven books and numerous audio presentations.  She also has written and directed two award-winning CD programs for parents and child development teachers while CEO of Programs for Parents: Identifying Developmental Delays in Young Children and How Three and Four Year Olds Learn in Pre-School; as well as  Infant Mental Health with Dr. Gerald Costa.

“Working as an editor offers me the opportunity to help professionals translate information written in a language often specific to their fields into a presentation accessible to a general audience.  This benefits the professionals by broadening the  audience for their work; it also benefits the reader, who gains access to information grounded in the author’s authenticity.”

Barbara is certified in Imagery, Imagination and Phenomenology by the American Institute for Mental Imagery (AIMI) in New York City, and a graduate of the New Seminary, where she was ordained as an Interfaith Minister.

You can reach Barbarah through Comments on this blog or by e-mailing her at fedzie@ptd.net.