Welcome to Barbarah’s Blog! The snow is deep and glistening, and spring seems far away.  So let’s brighten these long days by celebrating Valentine’s Day in a new way:  by recognizing the love the angels and archangels shower on us!

There are many definitions of angels, often differing by religion.  Encyclopedia of World Religions by Merriam-Webster tells us that angels are “any of numerous spiritual beings…that mediate between the realm of the sacred and the profane realm of time and space (that’s us)…functioning as messengers or servants of the deity or as guardians of individuals (angels) or nations (archangels)…

I’m most familiar with Guardian Angels, angels who are each assigned to one of us to help align our journey with the mission of the heavenly kingdoms.  For more information, I went to my most reliable source, Valentin Tomberg and reread portions of his book, Christ and Sophia.

Tomberg tells us that the angels mission is to create harmony between their realm and us.  Their job became more difficult as many of us became attracted materialism.  There was a time when that attraction put the angels in jeopardy of being pulled downward toward earth as they tried to create a wholesome balance.  This sounds like a present day occurrence,  but it was actually before the Christian Era.

Help came through the sacrifice of an archangel named Nathan Jesus, a being filled with Christ-love.  Archangel Nathan Jesus temporarily descended into the angelic realm, and planted a cross that redeemed the angelic hierarchy, while foretelling a crucifixion to come.  One of the sacrifices  Archangel Nathan Jesus endured in descending from the archangelic realm was a painful adjustment to the angels’ direction of mobility. Angels move vertically, restricted to traveling up and down in a space from above the head of the individual they’re guiding here on earth and the angelic realm.  Archangels’ motion is horizontal, accommodating their mission to create harmony in large geographic areas and cultures on earth.  When working together, the archangels create a horizontal circle around an area by touching hands.  Once a year, late on Christmas Eve, the archangels encircle earth in this way and also open a space to shower us with their love.  This is a perfect time for us to thank them for being faithful to their mission–and to pray for a way in which we can assist them.

When you get the opportunity, listen to Enya’s Christmas Carol, Journey of the Angels on her CD, And Winter Came.  In it she sings about this angelic Christmas Eve journey.


Our Guardian Angels enjoy hearing from us, especially when we call them into action; otherwise they have nothing to do.  Since I was a little girl, I’ve called on my Guardian Angel most days–and am often aware and grateful for the angel’s presence and efforts to keep me safe.  Here’s an example:  I was driving in a torrential rain on a busy highway.  As I drove beneath a bridge, my car hydroplaned on a rush of water.  The car was unresponsive and  heading across the grass divider into oncoming commuter traffic.  My early Catholic training jumped in and I called my angel and said an Act of Contrition.  An unusual calm came over me as I lost all sense of time and place. Suddenly I was aware that the car was still and silent.  It had turned ninety-degrees  and the rear bumper was caught on a short section of guardrail, the only guardrail for miles. The car rested on the shoulder parallel to the moving traffic.  I was shaken, but unharmed and there was a crease in the bumper.  My Guardian Angel was there for me and I am forever grateful.

You probably have your own Guardian Angel stories to tell.  Please share one in the Comments section.


The love the angels and archangels have for us–and expressions of love highlighted on Valentine’s Day–can be elevated to a ritual.  Consider lighting a candle, closing your eyes and focusing on your Guardian Angel.  Stay quiet until you feel a connection and give your angel thanks for being there for you.  If you don’t feel the connection in a few minutes, give thanks for the angel’s presence in your life, open your eyes and try again each day.

Involve your children by encouraging them to connect with their Guardian Angels, if they haven’t begun to.  There are children’s books about Guardian Angels at amazon.com and at most book stores.  You might discover a Guardian Angel prayer in these books for you and your children to say each morning and evening.  My prayer hasn’t changed since I was a child.  It’s simply “Angel of God, my guardian dear; to whom God’s love permits thee here; Ever this day be at my side.”  I often add to this a request for the angel’s presence for something in particular, like protection on a journey; answers to a problem; or I just chat as I do with friends. At night, I ask my angel to protect me through the night.


Consider decorating your home for Valentine’s Day with a branch that fell during a winter storm–or an artificial one available in craft stores.  Trim it with “angels” fastened to the branch with red ribbons.   Or if your Christmas tree is still up redecorate it. We cut our tree at a tree farm and keep it up as long we can. This year I recycled garland made of tiny red stones on wired cord I found in the attic…added a “heavenly host of angels” made from wired ribbon…and replaced the tree topper with what appears to me as an Archangel. There have been Valentine’s Days when the tree was trimmed with red and white heart-shaped lace paper doilies.  It’s easy to slip narrow ribbon through the lace for hanging and they’re bright and inexpensive.  Children have very creative decorating ideas and often come up with something very unique.

Preserving children’s natural reverence is a wonderful gift we can give them.  Some families bring reverence to their activities by beginning with a prayer.  On this occasion that might include thanking the tree/branch for the joy it brings to your home–and stating your intention to celebrate the love that the angels and archangels shower on us.

Of course, a celebration is always a time for sweets, so how about an angel food cake or cupcakes, angel-shaped cookies or whatever your imagination conjures up!  The angels and archangels will be joyful celebrants!

Have a loving Valentine’s Day! Barbarah

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I'm a blogger and editor presenting time-tested tools for self-awareness. The blog teaches techniques for identifying synchronicities to inform decision-making and the use of Imagery to change beliefs no longer beneficial. Certified by the American Institute for Mental Imagery and co-editor of The Encyclopedia of Mental Imagery, I've been able to record many of the Imagery exercises of Mme. Colette Aboulker Muscat in blogs so you can experience the power of Imagery in your own home. My specialty is editing info written by professionals in fields often speaking their own "language," making it understood by a broader audience. My home is in the Poconos, and we enjoy family vacations at OBX N.C. Look forward to feedback after you preview the blog. Find me on LinkedIn as barbfed@ptd.net and Instagram as bfedoroff1
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