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Today we continue our story with the burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.  But before we go on, let’s look at the death of Jesus Christ as told in the Gospel of Peter 12.5-13.57.

And they drew out the nails from the hands of the Lord and laid Him upon the earth.  And the whole earth was shaken and there came a great fear.  Then the sun rose and it was found to be the ninth hour.  And the Jews rejoiced and released His body to Joseph of Arimethea.”  (Joseph was a wealthy member of the Temple Council who believed in Jesus and did not support their actions against Him.)  “And he took the Lord and washed Him and wrapped Him in a linen shroud and brought Him to a tomb.”  (This tomb was purchased by Joseph so Jesus Christ would lay where no one else ever had, a mark of respect.)

IMAGERY EXERCISE: Joseph of Arimathea Prepares and Buries the Body of Jesus Christ

Breathe out one time.  Feel the love and devotion of Joseph as he washes Jesus Christ’s wounds.  Wait a long moment and breathe out one time without opening your eyes.  

Breathe out one time. Put your hand on Joseph’s hand and together tenderly anoint Jesus Christ’s body with spices and ointment.  Wait a long moment and breathe out one time without opening your eyes.

Breathe out one time.  Now wrap Jesus in a shroud of linen made from a single unbroken thread to honor Him as king.  Wait a long moment and breathe out one time without opening your eyes.

Breathe out one time.  Say a short prayer for the departed.  Wait a long moment and breathe out one time without opening your eyes.

Breathe out one time.  See, feel, sense and know the freedom from sin that is yours through the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.  Say a prayer of thanksgiving for this gift.  Wait a long moment and breathe out and open your eyes. 

Click Here And Listen To The Imagery Exercise 

The Empty Tomb

Now we’ll see that Mary Magdalene is the first to meet Jesus Christ after he has risen. This teaching helps us understand the difference between meeting Jesus Christ in the flesh,  and meeting him after the Resurrection, as the Risen Lord.  The quote is from Jesus of Nazareth written this year (2011) by Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI,(2013 Pope Emeritus) pages 285-286.

“After being addressed by the two angels in white garments, Mary Magdalene turns around and sees Jesus, but she does not recognize him.  Now he calls her by name: “Mary!”  Once again she has to turn, and now she joyfully recognizes the risen Lord, whom she addresses as Rabbuni, Teacher.  She wants to touch him, to hold him, but the Lord says to her: “Do not hold me, for I have not yet ascended to the Father (John 20:17).

“This surprises us.  We would have thought that now, while he is standing before her, she can indeed touch him and hold him.  When he has ascended to the Father this will no longer be possible.  But the Lord says the opposite…”It is the same phenomena Paul describes in 2 Corinthians 5:16-17.  Even though we once regarded Christ according to the flesh, we regard him thus no longer. Therefore, if any one is in Christ he is a new creation”…Now we can touch him only by ascending.  Touching Christ and ascending belong together.”


May the joy of the Resurrection be with you!


Next Sunday Barbarahs Blog  presents the appearances of Jesus Christ after the Resurrection.  I hope you’ll join me.

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Breathe out one time.  Make a joyful sound of thanksgiving.  Wait a long moment and open your eyes.


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