Our conversation today is about developing the Spiritual Senses of Mysticism, Gnosis and Sacred Magic that open our hearts, minds and wills.  These senses are gateways to the Divine Sophia and her infinite wisdom to be discovered through Divine Sophia herself or through those who embody her.  The most familiar among these are Mary Mother of Jesus Christ and for some, Isis; however, there are may be many more to be discovered on our journey.

Divine Sophia often waits for a sign that our hearts are wanting or needing the awareness of her presence.  Honing our Spiritual Senses can be that sign.  Valentin Tomberg and Robert Powell, authors and champions of Divine Sophia, recommend that we begin by embracing nature.  So find a place you can visit regularly that is rich in greenery, one of the beautiful spaces Sophia has created for us and be there.

My favorite place is on a terrace surrounded by trees as old as this land.  The wonder of these stately trees is their freedom of movement despite a height of 80-100 feet. The trees are supported by a root system securely entangled in the rocks of this mountain country.  I began writing this blog on the terrace yesterday afternoon.  A light breeze brushed against my skin as it touched the leaves so lightly their movement was barely visible.  The breeze soon picked up enough to rustle the leaves, filling the air with music.  Soon they dipped and swayed like giant dancers. And then the inevitable happened: a summer shower.  What a wonder it is that trees so old and so tall are so graceful.

The Mary Tree stands tallest among them.  It sprung up from the ground as a single trunk that separated into two, centuries ago.  Growing side by side, these trunks share the original root system, their branches and leaves interlaced, moving in concert with nature.  The Mary Tree is an analogy to the male and female streams that separated.  And like the Mary Tree, they can learn to live in equalibrium with Wisdom Sophia regaining her original place as described in Proverbs 8:

“Yahweh created me, first-fruits of his fashioning, before the oldest of his works.  From everlasting, I was firmly set, from the beginning, before the earth came into being.  The deep was not, when I was born, nor were the springs with their abounding waters…I was beside the master craftsman, delighting him day after day, ever at play in his presence; at play everywhere on his earth, delighting to be with the children of men.”

Now, back to the Spiritual Senses.  Discover a place where you can become at one with nature and bathe yourself in the comfort of Sophia’s creation.  Soon your breath will slow, your body will relax, and if ready, you’ll let go and await the moment of mysticism, when the door to the Divine Sophia opens.  As Tomberg noted, you are in “a state of quiet expectation” and have moved to the place of no-time.  You’re aware that something has shifted–a sound, an aroma, a whisper-light touch.  This is the touch of the Divine.  Mysticism is opening your heart.  One day, perhaps this day, mysticism will be followed by gnosis, a nugget of wisdom that enters your mind.  The space between mysticism and gnosis is often so close they seem as one.  Sacred Magic follows, when you have put your will to work by following this revelation as you feel directed by Divine Sophia.

A key to honing the Spiritual Senses is to acknowledge that others have done so before, are doing so now, and you, too, can claim the legacy that comes with them.

A Process For Honing The Spiritual Senses

1.  Have the intention to visit with the Divine Sophia and engage her in opening and/or honing your Spiritual Senses.

2.  Find your nature space.  It may be a nearby woods, beach or pocket park in a city,  whatever resonates with you.

3.  Sit comfortably and be.  Feel your breath slowing somewhat, your body relaxing as your physical senses take in the beauty of the nature surrounding you.

4.  Remember to be in silent expectation, a joyful state of knowing that you, too, can discover or sharpen your Spiritual Senses, opening your heart, mind and will to Divine Sophia.


Prayers To Invoke Divine Sophia:

The Our Mother Prayer

This prayer is a series of petitions to invoke the Divine Sophia and was written by Valentin Tomberg.  The Our Mother Prayer opens the channels to Divine Sophia and fosters an understanding of the trinity of the Mother, Daughter and Holy Soul, the counterpart to the trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Little Rosary

The Divine Sophia, embodied in Mary Mother of Jesus Christ, is invoked by praying the Little Rosary, also developed by Valentin Tomberg and revised by Robert Powell after working with it in his eurhythmy practice, a beautiful form of spiritual movement that is not required for the Little Rosary.

While the traditional Rosary includes fifty Hail Mary’s, the Little Rosary links a Hail Mary with one of Jesus Christ’s I AM sayings, each stimulating an individual chakra center, an organ of the soul.  The full prayer includes seven of these combinations, each focusing on a different chakra.

Robert Powell tells us that we might “wish to pray the Little Rosary to bring the Divine Logos, the I AM, the power of divine love and divine light, to illuminate and warm your soul.”

Both these prayers are presented in The Sophia Teachings by Robert Powell, founder of the Sophia Foundation.  The book jacket describes the book as “uncovering the secret stream of wisdom flowing through the heart of Christianity; the feminine principle known in Greek as “Sophia” or Divine Wisdom herself.  This sacred embodiment–named in the Old Testament as the first living being made by God–has comforted and guided seekers of truth in every age and culture, including our own.”  Powell has written several other books on this and related topics and is the translator of Valentin Tomberg’s Meditations on the Tarot.

Both books can be purchased on or                                                                                                                       __________________

Join me again on June 17th when we’ll have a conversation about the Divine Being, Isis.

If you need assistance using the Process For Honing Your Spiritual Senses, contact me at

May the Divine Sophia guide you in your spiritual work!  Barbarah


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