We’re privileged to live in a world filled with wonder and beauty.  So today, let’s look at Mirroring as a way of observing the positive aspects of ourselves that enhance others lives as well as our own.  With that as our intention, we begin to see acts of wonder and delight all around us.  Acts that reflect the energy we’re sharing with the world.

Let’s watch for little acts of kindness coming our way.  The super market clerk who sees us searching for an item and cheerfully comes to our aid.  The greeting from someone coming toward us. The unexpected feedback from a co-worker or friend for listening when she needed someone.  Even a bird singing in the garden or in the park.

I love walking along a city street watching the wonder of small children who stop many times as they make their way.  They inspect a stone as if it were a jewel, as it well may be.  Or stand mesmerized as someone shines the brass on a door.  They engage in conversations with people wise enough to walk at their same pace and who seem to see the same wonder in things.

When we view the world in this way, it’s a reflection of the brightness we carry within.  And in turn, other people and other small wonders are brought into our field.  Let’s revere these moments, acknowledging that our mirror is reflecting the best within us.

Happy Mirroring, Barbarah

This week’s other blog presents audio imagery of To Life: To Live, the second chapter of Colette’s Imagery exercises published in The Encyclopedia of Mental Imagery.

About Barbara Fedoroff

I'm a blogger and editor presenting time-tested tools for self-awareness. The blog teaches techniques for identifying synchronicities to inform decision-making and the use of Imagery to change beliefs no longer beneficial. Certified by the American Institute for Mental Imagery and co-editor of The Encyclopedia of Mental Imagery, I've been able to record many of the Imagery exercises of Mme. Colette Aboulker Muscat in blogs so you can experience the power of Imagery in your own home. My specialty is editing info written by professionals in fields often speaking their own "language," making it understood by a broader audience. My home is in the Poconos, and we enjoy family vacations at OBX N.C. Look forward to feedback after you preview the blog. Find me on LinkedIn as barbfed@ptd.net and Instagram as bfedoroff1
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