Barbarah Fedoroff

Barbarah Fedoroff

Advent is the season for preparing ourselves spiritually to receive the wondrous gift of Christmas: The Birth of Jesus.

Christmas has also become one of the largest secular celebrations of the year. And although we are aware of the value of spiritual preparation for this holiday, the busyness of shopping creeps in, the energy becomes a bit frenetic–and we may be left searching for a way to become spiritually elevated for this holy celebration.

The Gift of Imagery…

With Imagery, you can spend a few minutes doing an exercise that will set the spiritual tone we long for during this time.  You’ll find Journeying To Christmas here in Audio Imagery, exercises you can do one or more times.

As promised, you’ll also find  A Children’s Pre-Christmas Journey done as a waking life experience.  In going through the adult exercises, you’ll note that they’re based on an infinity sign, a sign of endless possibilities.  For children, I’m suggesting we simplify, using an open circle instead. The open circle is the very beginning of a spiral, signifying a journey upward.  When we journey around an open spiral clockwise, we call into manifestation something positive, exactly what we aim to do in the children’s exercise.

The Children’s Christmas Journey

Begin by explaining to the children that on the days coming up to Christmas there is a great spirit of love and giving, the qualities found in the infant Jesus and his parents.  Tell them that together you are going to create a special path so they can take an early  Christmas Journey to bring something special into the world.  Then have a conversation with them about how you will do this, first by creating a path in the shape of an open circle on which they will take their journey.

If it has snowed, you can take the children outdoors and have them make an open circle in the snow.  So there is sufficient space for a child to walk onto the  beginning of the path to start their journey and off the path at its end, lightly mark the pattern and have them go over it, making it more distinct.

No snow?  Together create the open circle out of small stones, chalk on a driveway or whatever ideas come to you.   The important thing is for the children to participate and to understand the aim of walking on the path.

When your path is completed, instruct the children to think about and wish for something wonderful they’d like to bring into the world.   Have them close their eyes and see it happening.  Then, with their eyes open, one by one have them enter the open circle where you began marking the path.  Remind them to walk slowly and to silently think about their wish.  Be at the end of the path so they leave correctly.

For teenagers, you can introduce them to the adult Christmas Eve Journey.  You may suggest that they journal their experience, if they choose.  If they want to do the Imagery daily until Christmas, remind them that their Imagery may change from day to day.

A Christmas Eve Journey For Adults (Do Once–Or Once A Day ‘Til Christmas)

In these exercises you have the opportunity to release something no longer beneficial for your well-being–and then in the second exercise, replacing that with something you want to bring into your life.  Take a few minutes to think about this before you begin the exercises.  Do not dwell on this.  Your first instinct is authentic and correct.

Also note:  Each of the exercises contains two components.  The exercise is not completed until I say Breathe out one time and open your eyes, and you hear the tone.

Click Here For A Christmas Eve Journey, Audio Imagery, Exercise 1

Close your eyes and breathe out three times.  See yourself in fresh-fallen snow.  After a time, draw an infinity sign in the snow and stand at its center.

Breathe out one time.  Holding a lit candle, see, feel, sense and hear yourself stating your intention to let go of an obstacle in your life.  Name or describe the obstacle silently.   Begin your journey around the loop of the infinity sign to your left, moving counter-clockwise.  As you walk, repeat your intention until you return to the center where you began your journey.  Breathe out one time and open your eyes. (Note: You are not continuing onto the other loop of the infinity sign at this time.)


Click Here For A Christmas Eve Journey, Audio Imagery, Exercise 2

Close your eyes and breathe out three times.  You remain at the center of the infinity sign holding your lit candle.  See, feel, sense and hear yourself naming or describing a positive intention you want to bring into your life,  Now begin your journey around the loop of the infinity sign to your right, moving clockwise.  Continue walking, silently stating the positive intention until you have returned to the center of the infinity sign.  Breathe out one time and open your eyes.

Close your eyes and breathe out one time.  See, feel, sense and know how preparations for the Birth of Jesus are going on in the heavenly kingdom.  Absorb it for a long moment.  When you feel ready, step out of the path and place your lit candle on the ground beyond. Breathe out one time and open your eyes.

You’ll find other Imagery for this third week of Advent in Categories, the first entry.

May your find peace of mind and a sense of reverence in your heart throughout this holy season.  Barbarah

P.S. Next week I’ll post the last group of exercises in the chapter, Wilhelm Reich Imagery.

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I'm a blogger and editor presenting time-tested tools for self-awareness. The blog teaches techniques for identifying synchronicities to inform decision-making and the use of Imagery to change beliefs no longer beneficial. Certified by the American Institute for Mental Imagery and co-editor of The Encyclopedia of Mental Imagery, I've been able to record many of the Imagery exercises of Mme. Colette Aboulker Muscat in blogs so you can experience the power of Imagery in your own home. My specialty is editing info written by professionals in fields often speaking their own "language," making it understood by a broader audience. My home is in the Poconos, and we enjoy family vacations at OBX N.C. Look forward to feedback after you preview the blog. Find me on LinkedIn as and Instagram as bfedoroff1
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