Message For You From DKOT

It’s All About Overcoming Fear

He’s still working on it, making sure it meets his literary standards as well as his witty delivery.

I’m not as witty as DKOT is…

…but when he asked me to work on this project with him, I knew it could change lives. Everyone deserves to experience well-being! Sometimes help arrives when and where you least expect it. Embrace it: It’s a gift from the universe. A gift you’ve no doubt earned.

While you’re meeting the challenge by using the process, know we’re eager for you to succeed — to know how it is to overcome fear and live without it stealing precious moments from you. Stick with it!

One of us will be back in two weeks or less. (Just sayin!), Barbara

P.S. In the meantime, if you didn’t get around to answering the questions in the last post, please take a few minutes now. Just write down the number of the question and your answer. Then e-mail it to Your feedback is important!

About Barbara Fedoroff

I'm a blogger and editor presenting time-tested tools for self-awareness. The blog teaches techniques for identifying synchronicities to inform decision-making and the use of Imagery to change beliefs no longer beneficial. Certified by the American Institute for Mental Imagery and co-editor of The Encyclopedia of Mental Imagery, I've been able to record many of the Imagery exercises of Mme. Colette Aboulker Muscat in blogs so you can experience the power of Imagery in your own home. My specialty is editing info written by professionals in fields often speaking their own "language," making it understood by a broader audience. My home is in the Poconos, and we enjoy family vacations at OBX N.C. Look forward to feedback after you preview the blog. Find me on LinkedIn as and Instagram as bfedoroff1
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1 Response to Message For You From DKOT

  1. francesca armendaris says:

    Dear Barbara, My name is Francesca Armendaris.  I live in California and Iam very interested to know more about Mental Imagery. I get your e-mails and I love them.  I’ve often thought aboutsending you a message asking you if you teach Mental Imagery.So today I found the courage to do it. I’m familiar with Dr. Epstein’s Mental Imagery  and have almost allhis videos. However, I think I need further instruction.  I have hada couple of sessions with Rachel Since I have The Encyclopedia of Mental Imagery book, and youare the editor, I’d love to know if studying with you is a possibility. Thank you, Francesca.

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